Eli Mizrahi



Eli was born and raised in Israel, where after his mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he met his wife, Madeleine, who is from Bellevue, Washington after he completed his service and finished a second period of time as a volunteer in a Kibbutz. Madeleine and Eli have made their home in Washington state since 1981. They have two adult children.

Eli and Madeleine support cancer research, enjoy traveling, the movies, dining, hiking, biking, reading, and spending time with their family and friends. Eli earned a black belt in Shudokan Karate as well as a second-degree black belt in Combat Hapkido and finds the lessons learned in his Marshall Art disciplines to be helpful while assisting the families he works with through retirement and life events.

Eli is a past president of the Tacoma Chapter of AFEA, American Financial Education Alliance teaching retirement planning strategies in community colleges and public libraries and has co-hosted 3 radio shows in the past, the last of which was Securing your retirement. Eli has taken time to study and understand all the benefits the Federal Government, county Governments and many other employers offer their Employees as well as programs available to the self-employed to make sure they know how to maximize the benefits available to them in order to identify and uncover any gaps or blind spots that might come up during retirement ahead of time.

Email Address elimiz@pacificgroupadvisors.net