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Michael Sondheim


Michael Sondheim is President at Pacific Group Advisors. He has experience in the insurance and annuity industry since 1987 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Washington State University.

Mike and Kathy have lived in the Northwest their entire lives. They lived in Sammamish, Washington, for 21 years and raised their son and daughter and there before moving to Kirkland in early 2013. Active in the community and avid supporters of the Special Olympics, Mike and Kathy also enjoy biking, skiing, competitive softball and traveling. The experience and knowledge Michael provides has benefited and helped many of families protect their assets, preserve their wealth, and fulfill their retirement dreams and goals.

Michael is an IRA distribution professional and has an extensive experience in long term care planning. He strives to provide added peace of mind for every client. Michael and his team of professionals have weathered years of market risk, tax and estate law changes.

Email Address michael@pacificgroupadvisors.net

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Michael Sondheim